Orgapack Single-Lever Combination Strapping Tool for 1/2 Strapping

Product Code: OR 4000.13



The single-lever combination tool for vertical and horizontal strapping.

The Orgapack single lever combination tool with tension and seal plastic strapping in one tool. No need for a separate strapping sealer. Designed to use with serrated seals.

  • For use with PP and PET straps
  • Lightweight, portable, robust
  • High tensioning force due to windlass tensioning system – limited only by the breaking strength of the strap

Model OR 4000.13 to use with 1/2 strapping. Also available OR 4000.16 for 5/8 plastic strapping.

Strapping Gauge: .016–.028
Strapping Width: 1/2 (12mm & 13mm)
Origin: Imported