Strapping Machines for Plastic Strapping

Quality Strapping stocks a full line of plastic strapping machines for all types of strapping applications. Our service and parts department is fully stocked with all replacement parts for our strapping machines. We also design and install custom arch sizes for all our fully automated strapping machines.

Falcon Series

The Falcon Series includes semi automatic, and automatic strapping machines for standard plastic strapping applications. They are stock items and perfect for re-sellers of packaging distributors. Replacement parts and service are readily available directly from Quality Strapping.

Dolphin Series

The Dolphin Series semi automatic and automatic strapping machines are meant to use in wet and damp environments like fish and meat packing plants. They are enclosed in stainless steel frames and have a side sealing mechanism to avoid refuge from getting into the sealing mechanism of the strapping machine. They are also called Side Sealing Strapping Machine.

Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machines

We also stock a full line of fully automatic high speed inline strapping machines. These can be used as a stand alone machine triggered by an operator or included in a fully automatic conveyor system automatically handling packages of various sizes. Multiple features are available including moveable rollers or belts.

Image Model Number Machine Type / Description
FS-600 Falcon Series Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, Open Frame Type

FS-700 Falcon Series Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, Closed Frame Type

FS-900 Falcon Series Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Arch, Auto Retry

DS-600 Dolphin Series Semi Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Machine, Side Sealing

DS-700 Dolphin Series Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Machine with Arch, Side Sealing

Special arch sizes and specifications are available. Quality Strapping can also pre-install the first roll of plastic strapping and set it to your strapping width and core size of choice.