Signode Equivalent Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

*Signode® Equivalent Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Signode Equivalent Polypropylene Strapping is designed to work in Signode strapping machines. Signode Equivalent strapping is an alternative and more economical to the Signode brand strapping. They are made of the same material and are guaranteed to work in Signode strapping machines.

Product CodeWidthFeet Per CoilTensile StrengthCore SizeColorWeight (each)Skid Quantity
QS-209C1/420,0001454 x 6Clear2730
QS-209Y1/420,0001454 x 6Yellow2730
QS-216C1/415,0002004 x 6Clear2730
QS-216Y1/415,0002004 x 6Yellow2730
QS-714B7/1610,50040016 x 6Black3824
QS-714C7/1610,50040016 x 6Clear3824
QS-716B7/168,00050016 x 6Black3824
QS-716C7/168,00050016 x 6Clear3824
QS-718B7/167,00060016 x 6Black3924
QS-719B7/1612,00040016 x 6Black4124
QS-719C7/1612,00040016 x 6Clear4124
QS-723B7/169,00050016 x 6Black3924
QS-723C7/169,00050016 x 6Clear3924
QS-729B7/167,70060016 x 6Black3924
QS-SP216C1/418,0002007.88 x 7.5Clear3230
QS-SP216Y1/418,0002007.88 x 7.5Yellow3230
QS-SP616B3/812,0003007.88 x 7.5Black3330
QS-SP616C3/812,0003007.88 x 7.5Clear3330
QS-SP654B3/811,2603007.88 x 7.5Black3130
QS-SP654C3/811,2603007.88 x 7.5Clear3130
QS-SP714B7/168,2504007.88 x 7.5Black3030
QS-SP714C7/168,2504007.88 x 7.5Clear3030
QS-SP716B7/166,7005007.88 x 7.5Black3030
QS-SP716C7/166,7005007.88 x 7.5Clear3030
QS-SP718B7/165,6006007.88 x 7.5Black3030
QS-SP719B7/169,0004007.88 x 7.5Black3230
QS-SP719C7/169,0004007.88 x 7.5Clear3230
QS-SP723B7/167,5006007.88 x 7.5Black3430
QS-SP723C7/167,5006007.88 x 7.5Clear3430

Custom sizes polyester strapping and packaging are available. Contact your sales representative for details.

*Signode® is a registered trademarks of ITW Corp.