Buckles for Plastic Strapping

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Strapping Buckles can be tensioned by hand or with a tensioning tool. No sealing tools are required. Just feed the strapping thru the wire or plastic buckles and pull tight. Strapping buckles can be used with polypropylene, polyester and cord strapping.

Wire Buckles

Our QWB series, designed for easy threading delivers the ultimate in high load performance. It has outstanding slip resistance due to its self-lock feature in order to maximize holding power.

Plastic Buckles

Our QPB series offers both, flexibility and durability. It is constructed from a special resin and features slip resistant grippers and is approved for use with the US Postal Service.

Product CodeBuckle TypeStrapping SizeAmount per CartonShipping Weight
QWB-3/8Wire Buckle3/8100010
QWB-1/2-1MWire Buckle1/2100014
QWB-1/2-2MWire Buckle1/2200028
QWB-1/2LWire Buckle1/2100022
SWB-1/2HDWire Buckle1/2 Square100026
QWB-5/8Wire Buckle5/8100014
QWB-3/4Wire Buckle3/4100023
QPB-1/2Plastic Buckle1/210004
QPB-5/8Plastic Buckle5/810006
Custom packaging is available. Contact your sales rep for details.