SteelĀ Strapping Tools

Quality Strapping stocks a full line of steel strapping tools including steel strapping tensioners, metal strapping sealers and strapping cutters.

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Sealers, Tensioners, Cutters and Combination Tools for Steel Strapping

Made in the USA Strapping Tools:

Imported Strapping Tools:

Our Made in the USA steel strapping tools is our better quality line of strapping tools. They have a full 1 year warrantyOur imported steel strapping tools is our economy line of strapping tools. Replacement parts and repair service is available directly from Quality Strapping.
ImageProduct CodeStrapping GaugeStrapping WidthOrigin
MIP-1200.015 to .0203/8 - 3/4USA
MIP-1300.015 to .0253/8 to 3/4USA
MIP-1400.025 to .0443/4 to 1-1/4USA
MIP-1100-38.015 to .0233/8USA
MIP-1100-12.015 to .0231/2USA
USA-1100-58.015 to .0235/8USA
USA-1100-34.015 to .0233/4USA
USA-1120-38.015 to .0233/8USA
USA-1120-12.015 to .0231/2USA
USA-1120-58.015 to .0235/8USA
USA-1120-34.015 to .0233/4USA
USA-1152-12.023 to .0311/2USA
USA-1152-58.023 to .0315/8USA
USA-1152-34.023 to .0313/4USA
USA-3000-34.025 to .0353/4USA
USA-3000-100.025 to .0351USA
USA-3000-114.025 to .0351-1/4USA
MIP-4900.15 to .025Adjustable - 1/2" to 3/4"USA
MIP-4800- 58.15 to .023Preset to 5/8 (adjustable)USA
MIP-4800-34.15 to .023Preset to 3/4 (adjustable)USA
QSS290Up to .0353/8 to 3/4Imported
QSS296Up to .0353/8 to 3/4Imported
QSS298Up to .0353/4 to 1-1/4Imported
QSH100Up to .0353/8" to 3/4"Imported
QSH200Up to .0353/8 to 1-1/4Imported
QSH300Up to .035Up to 2"Imported