Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Quality Strapping Systems offers a full range of top-grade strapping solutions including non-metallic plastic strapping, strapping tools and accessories, as well as strapping machines. We are the leading manufacturer of quality poly strapping that is ideal for light to medium bundling.

QualiStrap – Machine Grade Polypropylene Strapping

We present the Qualistrap. This is ideal for businesses and individuals who are looking for pp strapping that comes in various thicknesses, widths, and polymer variations to suit a wide array of light unitizing or palletizing applications.

Qualistrap is Quality’s brand of high quality Machine grade polypropylene strapping made in a choice of job-matched widths, thickness and tensiles.

Qualistrap is the perfect choice for Machine Grade applications and meets the specifications of many strapping machine manufacturers because it features distinct strength and stretch capabilities. This allows the straps to withstand both automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. Our poly strapping is also especially designed to allow high elongation and recovery as well as low tension retention for fast, strong and tight strapping to help you save time and money.

Only the best raw materials are used for the Qualistrap brand and rigid quality control assures that you get the best product possible.

QualiStrap Standard Packaging

All machine grade polypropylene strapping are packed one roll per self carton. Standard pallet quantities are 24, 28, 32 or 36 cartons per skid. Custom and bulk packaging are available.

Product CodeWidthFeet per CoilBreak StrengthCore SizeWeight
5MM5mm240001308 X 7-1/224
6MM6mm200001458 X 826
7MM7mm170002008 X 826
9MM9mm129002758 X 826
12MM12mm99003008 X 826
M-14-14-81/4"220001458 X 826
M-14-14-91/4"220001459 X 826
M-14-20-61/4"170002008 X 624
M-1-4-20-81/4"180002008 X 826
M-14-20-91/4"180002009 X 826
M-14-20-111/4"1312020011 X 7-1/226
M-38-30-63/8"100003008 x 626
M-38-30-83/8"129003008 X 826
M-38-30-93/8"129003009 X 826
M-38-30-113/8"1050030011 X 7-1/226
M-38-30-163/8"990030016 X 626
M-38-40-83/8"112504008 X 825
M-38-40-93/8"112504009 X 826
M-38-40-163/8"870040016 X 627
M-12-35-61/2"90003508 X 626
M-12-35-81/2"99003508 X 826
M-12-35-91/2"99003509 X 826
M-12-35-111/2"750035011 X 7-1/225
M-12-35-161/2"900035016 X 626
M-12-50-61/2"66005008 X 628
M-12-50-81/2"89005008 X 826
M-12-50-91/2"89005009 X 826
M-12-50-111/2"590050011 X 7-1/225
M-12-50-161/2"660050016 X 626
M-12-53-161/2"820053016 X 628
M-12-60-61/2"66006008 X 626
M-12-60-61/2"66006008 X 630
M-12-75-161/2"557575016 X 627

Skid dimensions are 48 x 48 x 48.

Custom sizes polyester strapping and packaging are available. Contact your sales representative for details.

QualiStrap Application

QualityStrap is machine grade strapping suitable for fully and semi automatic strapping machines.

Strapping Finish

Machine grade polypropylene strapping comes with and embossed finish. This gives friction to the strapping and helps it maintain its join efficiency.

QualiStrap Colors

Standard colors for all machine grade polypropylene strapping are white, yellow, clear and black. Custom colors are available. Ask your sales representative for minimums and up charges.

Printed Strapping

Custom imprinted strapping is available with a low minimum of only 24 rolls. Printed strapping is perfect to use as product temper security, product identification and more.

To place an order or to learn more about our pp strapping and other strapping solutions, you may call our toll-free number at 1-800-494-8754 or send an email to