Strapping Guards, Corner Protectors & Edge Protectors

For use with both, steel and plastic strapping. Corner protectors safeguard a package by distributing the load over a greater area, enabling you to tighten the strapping to its maximum tension without damaging the package.

Strap Guards

Made of durable plastic and is designed to prevent damage to tightly strapped shipments. Each plastic corner is constructed from a specially formulated resin and is ribbed to hold the strapping firmly in place.

Strapping Protectors

Protect packages from surface damage.

          • Made of sturdy laminated fiberboard.
          • Strong enough to hold steel and plastic strapping.
          • Strapping tension is spread across a wider area.
          • Withstands maximum strap tension while protecting pallet edges

Edge Protectors

Protect products from damage during shipment or while in storage. Edge protectors stabilize strapped or stretch wrapped loads and adds extra support for double stacked pallets.

Product CodeMaximum Strap SizeTypeAmount per Carton/SkidShipping Weight
QCP-753/4Strap Guard (Plastic)10008
QCP-1001Strap Guard (Plastic)100027
QCP-1251-1/4Strap Guard (Plastic)100031

Custom quantities and packaging including private label are available. Contact your sales rep for details.