Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

QuickStrap – Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping

Quickstrap is Quality’s brand of hand grade polypropylene strapping made in a choice of job- matched widths, thickness and tensiles.

Qucickstrap has been proven to be an effective alternative to steel or nylon strapping at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being economical, plastic strapping has the advantage in its ability to contain shrinking and setting loads, or grow with expanding loads.

With your choice of closure method, you get the kind of strapping efficiency that improves performance, saves job time and measurably cuts labor costs.

QuickStrap Application Method

QuickStrap – Hand Grade Polypropylene Strapping can be secured by hand using wire buckles. They can also be tightened with manual strapping tools and sealed with plastic strapping seals. Another popular method it the use of manual hand held friction weld or heat sealing strapping tools.

Product CodeWidthFeet Per CoilBreak StrengthAvailable ColorsCore SizeWeightFinish
12-25-901/2"9000250Black16 X 620Embossed
12-25-151/2"15000250Black16 X 625Embossed
12-30-501/2"5000300Black16 X 620Embossed
12-30-901/2"9000300Black16 X 620Embossed
12-30-1141/2"11400300Black16 X 630Embossed
12-40-501/2"5000400Black16 X 625Embossed
12-40-901/2"9000400Black16 X 626Embossed
12-42-901/2"9000420White, Yellow, Clear16 X 627Embossed
12-45-721/2"7200450Black16 x 626Embossed
12-48-721/2"7200480White, Clear16 X 625Embossed
12-50-661/2"6600500Black16 X 627Embossed
12-50-721/2"7200500Black16 X 626Embossed
12-52-721/2"7200520Black, White16 X 627Smooth
12-60-661/2"6600600Black16 X 625Embossed
12-60-721/2"7200600Black16 X 630Embossed
12-65-651/2"6500650Black16 X 628Smooth
12-75-551/2"5575750Black16 X 627Embossed
58-45-805/8"8000450Black16 X 627Embossed
58-70-545/8"5400700Black16 X 627Embossed
58-100-355/8"35001000Black16 X 625Smooth
34-100-453/4"45001050Black16 X 627Embossed
12-25-451/2"4500250Black16 X 321Embossed
12-30-451/2"4500300Black16 X 321Embossed
12-40-451/2"4500400Black16 X 326Embossed
12-45-361/2"3600450Black16 X 626Embossed
12-50-361/2"3600500Black16 X 326Embossed
12-52-361/2"3600525Black16 X 326Smooth
12-60-361/2"3600600Black16 X 330Embossed
12-65-361/2"3600650Black16 X 330Smooth
58-70-275/8"2700700Black16 X 327Embossed
58-100-225/8"22001000Black16 X 326Smooth
12-25-90B1/2"9000250Black8 X 825Embossed
12-30-90B1/2"9000300Black8 X 820Embossed
12-35-87B1/2"8700350Black8 X 820Smooth
12-40-90B1/2"9000400Black8 X 832Embossed
12-45-72B1/2"7200450Black8 X 826Embossed
12-50-66B1/2"6600500Black8 X 826Embossed
12-50-72B1/2"7200500Black8 X 825Embossed
12-60-66B1/2"6600600Black8 X 827Embossed
12-60-72B1/2"7200600Black8 X 825Embossed
12-45-80B1/2"8000450Black8 X 830Embossed
58-70-54B5/8"5400700Black8 X 832Embossed
58-70-60B5/86000700Black8 X 827Embossed
34-100-453/4"45001000Black8 X 827Embossed

Strapping Standard Packaging

All strapping on 16×6 Core Sizes are packed one roll per self dispensing carton. Standard pallet quantities are 24, 28 or 32 cartons per skid.

All strapping on 16×3 Core Sizes are packed 2 rolls per self dispensing carton. Standard pallet quantities are 24, 28 or 32 cartons (2 rolls per carton) per skid.

Skid dimensions are 48 x 48 x 48.