Polyester Strapping

Polyester Strapping

Polyester strapping also known as PET strapping is used when regular polypropylene strapping isn’t strong enough to get the job done. Polyester strap most closely resembles steel strapping in its physical characteristics.

Polyester strapping will withstand higher tensioning than other plastic strapping up to 25% higher, with equivalent break strengths. It will retain tension on rigid loads better than other non-metallic strapping.

Quality’s polyester strapping is virtually unaffected by weather or ultraviolet rays. It is significantly lower in cost than steel strapping, a lot safer to use, and easier to dispose of too. Just imagine on how to get rid of steel strapping waste? Polyester strapping is also much safer to use then metal strapping since it has no sharp edges.

Considering all of the above, polyester strapping has become a wise choice as a steel strapping replacement.

Polyester Strapping Standard Packaging

All polyester strapping with 16×6 cores sizes are bulk packed 28 rolls per pallet. All polyester strap with 16×3 core sizes are packed 56 rolls per pallet. The pallets are reinforced with wood bracing on tope to ensure secure transport. Custom packaging is available.

Product CodeWidthThicknessFeet Per CoilBreak StrengthWeightCore SizeColor / Finish
H38-45-63/8.019105004504516 X 6Green / Smooth
EH38-45-63/8.019125004504616 X 6Green / Embossed
H38-47-63/8.02196004704416 X 6Green/ Smooth
EH38-47-63/8.02196004704416 X 6Green / Embossed
EH38-50-63/8.024100005004516 X 6Green / Embossed
H12-50-61/2.01590005004216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
H12-50-31/2.01545005004216 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H12-60-61/2.02072006004216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
EH12-60-61/2.02072006004216 X 6Green / Embossed
H12-60-31/2.02036006004216 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H12-77-61/2.02658007704216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
EH12-77-61/2.02660007704216 X 6Green / Embossed
H12-77-31/2.02629007704216 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H12-82-61/2.02865008204416 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
EH1/2-82-61/2.02860008204416 X 6Green / Embossed
H12-82-31/2.02832508204416 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H58-75-65/8.02057007504216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
H58-75-35/8.02028507504216 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H58-95-65/8.02544009504216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
H58-95-35/8.02522009504216 X 3Green, Black / Smooth
H58-120-65/8.030360012004216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
EH58-120-65/8.030440012004216 X 6Green / Embossed
H58-120-35/8.030180012004216 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
H58-140-65/8.035420014004616 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
EH58-140-65/8.035420014004616 X 6Green / Embossed
H58-140-6-AAR5/8.035420014005016 X 6Green / Smooth
EH58-140-6-AAR5/8.035420014005016 X 6Green / Embossed
H58-160-65/8.040400016005016 X 6Green / Smooth
H58-160-6-AAR5/8040400016005016 X 6Green
EH58-160-65/8.040400016005016 X 6Green / Embossed
H34-190-63/4.040300019004716 X 6Green, Black / Smooth
H34-190-6-AAR3/4040300019004716 X 6Green
EH34-190-63/4.040300019004716 X 6Green / Embossed
EH34-190-6-AAR3/4040300019004716 X 6Green
H34-240-63/4.050240024004716 X 6Green / Smooth
H34-240-6-AAR3/4050240024004716 X 6Green
EH34-240-63/4.050240024004716 X 6Green / Embossed
EH34-240-6-AAR3/4050240024004716 X 6Green
H1-250-61.040220025004716 X 6Green / Black
H1250-6-AAR1.040220025004716 X 6Green
H1-300-61.050180030004716 X 6Green / Black
H125-320-61 1/4.040180032005016 x 6Black / Green / Smooth
H125-320-6-AAR1 1/4.040180032005016 x 6Green / Smooth
H125-400-61 1/4.050150040005016 x 6Black / Green / Smooth
H125-400-6-AAR1 1/4.050150040005016 x 6Black / Green / Smooth

Custom sizes polyester strapping and packaging are available. Contact your sales representative for details.

Strapping Finish

Standard finish for polyester strapping is smooth. Strapping with a smooth finish has a much higher tensile strength then the same strapping gauge with an embossed finish. Since polyester strapping is meant to replace steel strapping in a lot of applications, it is manufactures with the highest break strength available.

Strapping Color

Standard colors for all polyester strapping is green and black.