Seals for Steel Strapping

Quality Strapping stocks a full line of all types of steel strapping seals. Standard items and packaging is displayed in the seals for steel strapping table below. We carry snap-on seals (open), thread-on seals (semi-open), push-on seals (closed or overlap) and magazine seals for the most popular sizes of steel strapping.

Snap-on Seals

Strapping seal is placed over the overlapping strap ends either during or after tensioning the metal strapĀ¬ping. Eliminates pre-threading of the seal and speeds the strapping operation. This is the most popular seal for steel strapping and is used in most strapping applications. Tools required are a strapping tensioner and strapping sealer.

Thread-on Seals

Is threaded over the overlapping strap ends before the tensioning tool is applied. Generally used on bales and larger strapping sizes.

Push-on Seals

Used where the steel strapping is tensioned by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal. Must be threaded before the tension tool is applied, and can take stronger tension. Overlapping flanges withstand the higher stress.

Magazine Seals

The seals are stacked together. This arrangement permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feed tools. Mostly used in combination strapping tools and power strapping machines.