Dolphin Series Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Strapping Machine with Arch, Side Sealing

Product Code:DS-700

Model DS-700 Specifications

Strapping Machine frame and hardware is made of stainless steel. This model strapping machine is rustproof and suitable for operation in damp areas or strapping wet packaging.

  • Accessing height adjustable ABS free roller table
  • Equipped with height adjustable stainless steel stands.
  • Electricity leakage breaker protected main-power switch on control panel and special climate¬†device to keep inner temperature and machine interior dry.
  • Side Sealing mechanism protects machine and parts from water and food product waste.

Machines runs on regular polypropylene strapping with embossed finish. Core size for the strapping can be adjusted for most popular sizes, including 8×8 and 9×8. Machine can use both, 9mm (3/8″) and 12mm (1/2″) plastic strapping.

Standard Arch Size23-1/2″ Width x 24-3/4″ Height
Strap Cycle Speed32 Strap per Minute
Tension StrengthMax 70 kgs
Table Height23″ ~ 27″
Strap Width3/8″ or 1/2″
Sealing MethodHeat Sealed (Side Sealing)
Power SupplyStandard 110/120V 50/60Hz 1 Phase
Overall Dimensions55-1/2″ Width x 25-1/4″ Deep x 71-1/2″ Height
Machine Weight287 kgs